Advance Air performs independent NEBB Certified Test and Balance - or TAB - of Environmental Systems. Our company was formed in 1993 and we are certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau. We have the most NEBB Certified Employees in the state of Texas. We are one of the largest air balancing companies in the state of Texas with over 35 employees and annual sales in excess of 5 million dollars and have completed over 10,000 projects in over 20 states.


Committed to our customers.

We are committed to providing professional, honest and ethical TAB services resulting in assured quality and consistency for all our customers.

We utilize the latest technology in instrumentation and data reporting, therefore we provide the quickest and most accurate report turnaround in the industry. Advance Air Systems guarantees all of its work and utilizes the NEBB Quality Assurance Program which exceeds the specification intent and the AABC performance guarantee.

The NEBB Quality Assurance Program is automatically applied to any project completed by a NEBB certified company. It ensures that if any corrective action is needed, the work is performed at no additional cost to the owner. In addition, Advance Air Systems provides a one year warranty on all of our projects.

What is TAB?

Comfortable Efficient Environment

Whether your building's ventilation is new or existing, Advanced Air can make it better. Most new buildings require Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, but many existing buildings could benefit from the same treatment. We can get the right amount of air flow where your occupants need it, as well as validate that the correct amount of fresh air is entering your building throughout the day. The results of the right amount of air in the right place are systems that do not have to work as hard or run as long and that save costs on utilities. Having a properly balanced and working environment will help retain employees and increase productivity.