We are an independent NEBB certified company, specializing in providing testing and balancing of HVAC Environmental systems.


Advance Air has been successful because of our team of air balancing engineers and exceptional administrative support team.

What separates us is our use of training and technology.

Our people understand the technical nature of mechanical systems. Our TAB Engineers know the best, most proficient way to perform test and balance. They are tooled with the lasted equipment and technology.

But it's our field Engineers who put in the time to study, learn, utilize their skills and get the certifications that make for successful projects. Their integrity to do the job right and diligence to meet a project deadline has been the cornerstone of our success.

We offer the only electronic and online air balance training program. We developed this program in-house nearly a decade ago. Advance Air has put in more time on training than any other test and balance firm.

Advance Air is the first company in Texas to obtain and report field data electronically. For the past decade, our customers have received TAB reports quicker and were able to close out projects and collect their retention faster.

We also developed adapters for our flow hoods which allowed us to take test and balance from a two-person job to one. We have had this technology for over a decade before the invention of the current blue tooth flows hoods.

Brian Sharkey started Advance Air along with his father in 1993. Tom financed the first few start-up years, and after six years Brian was able to purchase his half of the company and fund his retirement. For nearly 25 years we have focused on providing comfortable, energy efficient, building environments.

Building and maintaining customer relations is entirely on the shoulders of our employees. Our TAB Engineers take on a project from start to end. They take great pride in working with our customers on resolving issues so to meet scheduling demands. Our office team exhausts all effort in providing estimates by bid time in addition to supporting field Engineers logistical requirements. Our employees pride themselves on working with and taking care our customers.

The bottom line is Advance Air's vision of providing Comfortable Efficient Environments cannot be accomplished without the incredible and great team of people who work here. A team of people who pride themselves on doing the job right while taking great care of our customers.

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