We are an independent NEBB certified company, specializing in providing testing and balancing of HVAC Environmental systems.


Our Vision

Comfortable Efficient Environments

Comfortable Efficient Environments is so important to Advance Air that we made it our company vision to provide this on every building we touch through proper air balancing.

Comfortable Environments

People expect their managers to take care of them and provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable workplace. So when I walk into an office building and see ladies with blankets and electric heaters by their feet, I shake my head and think of one thing “This is fixable."

As I begin I am bombarded with questions about what that 4-foot contraption is in my hand. I explain that I am here to make this a comfortable workplace. If I get the airflow proportioned, deflection set properly, and the thermostats calibrated then the building environment is a hundred times more comfortable place to work.

After the heating and air conditioning is set, we proceed to set the building ventilation. Due to increasing technology our culture is spending more and more hours inactive in front of computers. Lack of fresh air can lead to headaches and illnesses. We feel that proper setting of the outside air ventilation is an unseen occupant health benefit provided by air balancing.

Efficient Environments

Once air balancing is complete the HVAC equipment will operate for fewer hours each day and last longer. For example, we no longer have a room constantly cooling because the thermostat is located in an office with no airflow. All duct restrictions are removed that required the equipment to run harder and longer. The fan speed is adjusted on the supply and exhaust to where it operates at design using the minimal amount of electricity. Air balancing a building typically has a return on investment (ROI) of 1 to 3 years. Due to the variety of issues found and corrected on all types of projects, the ROI is difficult to specify but this is a smart investment for any size building. Below is a list of factors that lower the expense of building operations due to air balancing.

  • Eliminate service trips for hot and cold complaints.
  • Equipment will last longer.
  • Equipment electricity usually lowers after a system is balanced and calibrated.
  • Equipment operating time is shorter utilizing less electricity.
  • Equipment issues are fixed during construction or remodel before the end of warranty.

Advance Air is passionate about eliminating situations where the employees freeze or burn up in their office day after day, get headaches from lack of fresh air while knowing we can fix the issue for no cost because the building owner will get the money they paid back quickly in utility saving. Everyone should work in a Comfortable Efficient Environment.

Our People

We invest into employee professional and personal growth and empowerment, along with providing a teamwork atmosphere.

Our Customers

Superior service ensures long lasting partnerships. Facilitating continued growth for both Advance Air Systems and our valued customers.

Our Innovation

We consistently meet the expectations and demands of our customers and by continually exploring emerging technologies; we further the abilities of our technicians as industry leaders.

Our Integrity

We are committed to providing professional, honest and ethical TAB services resulting in assured quality and consistency for all our customers

We utilize the latest technology in instrumentation and data reporting, therefore we provide the quickest and most accurate report turnaround in the industry. Advance Air Systems guarantees all of its work and utilizes the NEBB Quality Assurance Program which exceeds the specification intent and the AABC performance guarantee. The NEBB Quality Assurance Program is automatically applied to any project completed by a NEBB certified company. It ensures that if any corrective action is needed, the work is performed at no additional cost to the owner. In addition, Advance Air Systems provides a one year warranty on all of our projects.

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